Disputable ‘Greenlight’ To Be Replaced By Valve’s ‘Steam Direct’

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Steam Direct is all set to replace Greenlight in spring 2017. It is a new sign-up system to launch games in the store. As for now, if any developer is new to Steam, then he is required to submit their game to get it approved via Greenlight. To get it passed, it would require a minimal fee along with community voting.

The Greenlight, which is the submission portal for the developers is about to get replaced by Steam Direct in spring.  The difference between the two is that, it negates the very possibility of voting completely. The amount of the fee is yet to be decided, as the Greenlight fee is just $100. And after going to the research, the developers are saying the fee should be as low as $100 or as high as $5000.

Well, the topic is very much in debate right now. If the fee is put on high, then it would negate the small developers and their community and would open gates only for the wealthy ones. Small developers should be given a chance. But, it was high time to change the Greenlight because; it has inherited a great deal of unpredictability. It would create some tough times for the developers.  It is also assumed that the end of Greenlight would also lead to the end of the influx of the Virtual Reality Content.




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