NZ Also Opens AR/VR Garage, An International Virtual Reality Centre

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Augmented and virtual reality is one of the New Zealand’s rapidly developing industries that have found its home base in Auckland in spacey warehouse on Eden Terrace and named it as AR/VR Garage with rooms that are full of headsets, consoles, screens, and a lot of space to play in. The building will work as a centre for technology companies and individuals who are looking to create projects using the Virtual Reality equipment in their innovation project which is a part of Auckland Councils. The same council has already invested $20 million in 10 years for the division.

It will work as a home to the game developers, screen and film producers, animators, educators and digital storytellers, and eventually going to help New Zealand grow and will produce more jobs and investment.  The Garage would offer research and development home centre for the teams around the world so that they can collaborate and make New Zealand a more dedicated area for Virtual Reality. The Garage will offer companies to have a global advantage from the first day which is an essential factor for fast paced technology.  Because they can scale up higher and faster which will enable them to connect them with the big international companies.

The AR/VR Garage is also a part of a global group and that is, the VR Society that will work as an Oceania base for the organization. The Society last year was able to secure more than US$170 million for its existing global members.  Well, there will be more centers in the world of Virtual Reality that will be coming up soon. This centre came up after UK opens up its first virtual reality centre inside tension.




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