Serious Mistakes to Avoid for Effective App Marketing

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Smartphones have swiftly changed the facet of consumerism by effortlessly replacing the tools of our every day basics such as reading newspapers, shopping, socializing, booking tickets and even paying the bills. After becoming such an integral part of our daily lives Mobile Applications have seen the most tremendous outburst. With the rise in number of applications have come the competition and the need to present and market your application.

However, as a marketer, while mobile is the most powerful platform to connect with the audience it is also the most personal medium and hence any wrong step can put your customers off once and for all. To avoid such a scenario here are the mistakes one should possibly avoid making for an effective App Marketing.

Failing to Differentiate between a Mobile and Desktop Experience

Many a times Mobile experience of an application is just a miniature version of the desktop experience which counts to not utilizing the functionality of a small screen. Also, desktop designs cannot fit page-to-page in the parameters of a mobile screen and so the customers quickly discard the inappropriate or hard to navigate design. One must benefit from the usability of a small screen as it lets the user to focus on the important thing.

Building an App without a Marketing Plan

It is extremely essential to effectively launch or present the application through the already existing assets if you’re a brand. Even otherwise, one must employ social media and other social networking platforms to promote your application not just to grab the user’s attention initially but to retain it for long term basis. Along with marketing, App Store Optimization tools also come in handy for greater visibility of your app in app stores.

Confusing a Mobile Website with an App

There are almost 7, 50,000 apps in both Google Play store and Apple’s iTunes app store which considerably raises the bar for a great and well rated app. Hence, publishing or launching an app which is essentially a mobile website will put off your customers reflecting that the makers don’t understand the platform of mobiles. Therefore, one must have a clear understanding of how the Smartphones and the applications work. Unlike a website apps must be built to work in areas of blotchy internet connections as well.

Ignoring Your App’s Customer Base

A mobile or Smartphone’s true supremacy lies in the fact that is a very personal gadget which is efficient to carry out many of the major functionality. Therefore, when you design and develop an app that goes along with user everyday it provides a perfect opportunity to engage and connect with the users and to understand and acknowledge them as worthy customers. With this comes the responsibility to catering to the needs and queries of the customers who will have suggestions, expectations and at some point even issues. And so, it will only be too disappointing if the customers will have no space for feedback or remarks.

Mobile Apps are undoubtedly the most superior way to stay connected with your users and customers while promoting your business. Hence avoiding these common mistakes will surely prove fruitful for your endeavors in app marketing.




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