The Future Is Here – Amazing Uses of VR in Marketing

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AR and VR Technology are growing at a very fast pace and also gaining popularity among various other sectors than just being in the gaming landscape. Virtual Reality has found its way into the marketing realm as an implementation tool and this gave a start of a colossal incursion of VR/AR in our everyday lives.  If you are a Marketing Professional then, obviously you are seeing VR through the other angle and now you are guessing and imagining its use in the Marketing paradise. Allow us to make it easy for you! We have researched some of the most amazing uses of VR in marketing.

You can have test drives through VR/AR: Now you have got a broad view   and can decide where you have to target your audience properly. For example, what Volvo recently introduced a VR drive test for their brand new XC90 SUV. The user is taken to the breathtaking view of the country back road.

Not so hot for My VR: Virtual Reality is already making their big impressions in the Fashion Industry especially when it comes to Fashion Weeks which offers an impressive First row view of the runways with a 360 panoramic view.

AR and VR are ready to start from scratch for various categories and worlds like in fashion, Shoes, Hospitality, and Tourism, etc. It clearly depends on the applications which are being developed for the different worlds. It is more of us that what we want to do this hottest brimming technology. It’s high time to think out of the box of this technology like Cadillac has done with Virtual Reality!




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