Apple takes Home another Patent for High Field of View AR Display

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Tech Giant, Apple has been granted another valuable patent as a glorious feather in the cap in the field of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality for developing a high field of view display which seems to be an asset in the direction of advancement in the AR sector. Thus, it can be concluded that Apple is preparing sufficiently to enter the race of Immersive Media and Technology sooner than we could have expected.

With every major name in the field of Technology aiming to deliver their best efforts in the field of VR/AR, Apple’s dearth from the cut throat competition has been felt much strongly which is why the Company is now moving forward in the direction of this latest technology in leaps and bounds to cover up for the lost time.

The new patent clearly indicates that Apple as a pioneering Tech giant has been working on the latest Augmented Reality technology with a genius forthcoming display device. There are also reports that Apple has been accreting specialized teams for VR, AR, UI and UX experts to research and work on the upcoming technologies driving new trends.

Where there has been immense excitement since the news about Apple working on these latest technologies broke out, we cannot be completely sure if a Company has been significantly working on the technology as it’s quite a common practice for large companies to simultaneously work on pioneering technologies. It is yet to unfold the next steps taken by Apple towards the growing scope of Virtual/Augmented Reality.

Manish Kumar


Manish Kumar

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