Virtual Reality Ready To Fly High With Yahoo’s Cofounder: Jerry Yang

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Jerry Yang is a cofounder of Yahoo and made it a colossal element in the world. He has also served as a former chief executive officer at yahoo. After relinquishing from yahoo in 2012, he took over AME Cloud Ventures and other startups like Evernote, Curbside and Tango. He has proved himself as a Kingmaker in the commercial world and so, his interest in Virtual Reality can totally be taken as an approval for the big things coming in VR enthusiasts’ way.  In this video from HTC, Yang talks about his enthusiasm in virtual Reality space. He is not just excited about Virtual Reality but also its applications and basically it’s content which is now gaining popularity in this field and is regarded as a major element in VR.

Yang’s AME Cloud Venture has already invested $25 million in Wevr, a Virtual Reality Content company which is working full time on this immersive technology content.  He further invested $6.6 million in a new startup called Nanit whose main vision is in creating VR and AR apps.

Many companies are investing in Virtual Reality and HTC’s Conglomerate Of $10 Billion has made headlines in the previous week. Virtual Reality is now spreading its wings and is ready to take its first flight in the sky full of technology and its enthusiasts.





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