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“Blasters of the Universe” game made by The Secret Location and was demoed at Electronic Entertainment Expo also known as E3, last month. Everybody thought that it would eventually end up like any other shooter game like Space Pirate Trainer, but the title goes way beyond its replay ability and is considered as charismatic too. In the beginning, it seems quite pointless that of shooting enemies, you first have to make your own personalized weapon first. It is the real essence of the game as whenever you get time in between; you just reload your guns with your favorite ammos. Using it with HTC Vive with room scale tracking, the player is kept within its own cage and then enemies will come towards you and their attack will only count if they just strike your head.

The title comes to life when there are enemies and you just try to understand them. The first scene we encountered seems like a misshapen misfit that is created to encourage you to know the backstory in depth as the title goes. The main evil that hovered in front the player was some kind of a crazy nerd of the 80s who was trapped terribly with Virtual Reality especially when it died down. And to avoid his loneliness, he just tried to clone himself, which resulted in mutated minions. One can see them as baby robots or demonic heads.

It is very interesting to see that how enemies vary in power and tactics they use to break your life down to death. As you will proceed to the final stage, you will reveal more secrets which so nerdy in nature. Blisters of the universe go beyond the traditional benchmark of the shooter type games and have been given a personal touch that is not found in any of the video games. It is coming soon to the HTC Vive on steam early access. The Secret Location has not said anything about the game, but it is worth keeping.




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