Dirt Rally VR to have an Official Launch at Oculus Rift Store

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Dirt Rally VR, the racing simulator experience created by Codemasters is coming soon to the Oculus Store although, no official date for the release has been set or confirmed yet by the authorities. However, it has been reported that the VR racing gig will be released with new updated drivers for VR support and will also be released on Steam VR later in the month.

It is also speculated that the current VR version of Dirt Rally will be somewhat short timed and will initially exclusively launch for Oculus Store for the play while the updates hold a connection with Steam VR. Either way the VR version of the simulator game is being billed and presented as custom-built virtual reality.

There is also a vague mention of the planned VR update to be released as a full-steam accessible VR game. Also during Dirt Rally’s DK2 phase, owners and developers got a chance to experience the game with complete in built VR support before it was shown as a consumer rift experience at the latest Technology Expo E3. The PC version of the racing Simulator experience is said to be priced at $49.99 with an impressive 91% of user rating.


Manish Kumar


Manish Kumar

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