L.A. 2097 – A Game From The Future Is Here And Tt’s Fantastic

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L.A. 2097 a superb game all about the future is here to compliment the advanced technology, of the future era arriving soon named Virtual Reality. The game showcases the futuristic cityscape of Los Angeles in 2097 where the city streets are lined with sky high tapering buildings with automotives flying among the skyscrapers.

The game is believed to be somewhat based on classic film of the year 1982 Blade Runner closely relating to one of the scenes from the movie. The best characteristic of the game is its gripping nature and immense utilization of one’s imagination that lets you escape into a world moved into the bowels of the highly advanced future.

The game has currently released a teaser trailer as stated by its creator E’van Johnston from Mobile Games Studio PikPok who is based in New Zealand. L.A. 2097 is still in progress and can be tried with the help of Oculus Rift updated DK2 along with a SDK system of 6.0 or higher.

The first glimpse of a brief sneak peek into the game is right here in this video uploaded on YouTube. Check it out!




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