Make Way For Futuristic Automotive Ecommerce With VR Car Showroom

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America’s largest online automobile retail store collaborating with Virtual Reality is all set to bring in a ground-breaking immersive experience for those looking to buy cars online. Vroom the online car retailer has announced the launch of its dynamic and futuristic VR ecommerce store where potential buyers can view the vehicles inside out through Virtual Reality technology. The three-dimensional VR showroom will be stocked with vehicles allowing customers to access vehicle information in 360-degree videos wearing HTC Vive VR Headsets. The VR viewing strategy is so realistic that it provides exact real sounds of engines roaring as well as 360-degree test drives.

The amazing and next gen experience is aimed to provide the users a fun as well as an easy buying experience fulfilling Vroom’s commitments and legacy to empower the online shopping experience for users. The experience is available for trial at the Vroom’s facilities located in Dallas, Phoenix and Houston along with many upcoming locations on the list.

According to Gaurav Misra, CMO of Vroom many shoppers do not enter the market with an elaborate image of what car they want in their mind which is why allowing the users to experience, explore and discover information about a vehicle in an immersive virtual space is not only exciting but is also liberating for the industry as well as for the consumers located across the world.

After Alibaba integrated VR into its Ecommerce sector, it is intriguing to explore the prospective application of this rife technology in the sphere of online retailing in automobiles making the whole experience more informative, rich and entertaining to say the least.

As per reports, Vroom provides virtual test drives of over 10 cars to customers in a matter of 10 minutes. The cutting edge technology is seeing wide spread use and applications not just because we as consumers love it but also because it makes the web more transparent and enticing.




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