Gear VR Launching On 19th August Pre-orders Open Right Now

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Samsung yesterday announced its latest iteration of the flagship Virtual Reality headset Gear VR which accompanied the launch of the Company’s new Galaxy Note 7 Phablet. The headset was reported to possess specific intricate details in hardware and software which compliment the new Galaxy Smartphone. The VR headset along with the Smartphone is up and available for pre-orders with the official release date stated to be 19th August.

The latest version of the Gear VR headset is priced at $99 with exclusive USB-C support for Galaxy Note 7 and a micro USB adapter to ensure the headset’s universal compatibility with all the other range of Smartphones. Although the headset is significantly made to be compatible with the latest phone, the company shall not bundle the new Gear VR with the incoming pre-orders for Note 7.

The currently released iteration of Gear VR has been improvised and enhanced to match the quintessential needs of the upcoming Smart Devices. The VR headset is reported to sport a wider Field of View (FOV) changing the angle from 96 to 101 degrees. Although the variation in the angle is not enough to consider a noticeable difference however if you have the previous version of the headset then the comparison between devices may help you acknowledge the variation.

The new all black Gear VR has an additional Home button which is placed right next to the Back Button above the trackpad which could prove to be a very welcome addition with the users. Keeping all the updates in mind the new version of the headset is only slightly justifiable but for those who don’t currently own a Gear VR headset, the device might just be the best buy in the market for now!





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