Virtual Reality Could Kick in Psychological changes in Users

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Virtual Reality Impacts on usersThe advent of virtual reality in the form of technological capabilities that can easily create 3D virtual worlds in your home and comfort zones has not only created a stir in the world of technology but has also been the cause of rising medical concerns for the users. Researchers in London have warned the VR fans and audience that continuous immersive experience can trigger behavioral changes which can last even in the real world.

As the VR headsets and gadgets have already been made or are about to become available for the general public, it is necessary to discuss and consider all scenarios surrounding the technology. In recent studies, Michael Madary and Thomas Metzinger from the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz in Germany have found out that VR technology may pose far greater risk of psychological manipulation that what has been acknowledged. The researchers claim that VR poses risks that are beyond the traditional risks of the existing media technology.

However, the vibrant new technology cannot be completely struck off on the basis of posed risks. Hence, serious recommendations have been offered by the researchers while employing VR in various applications such as not creating any false hopes in the minds of patients being subjected to the VR applications. They must constantly be reminded of the experimental nature of the application.

Also, it must be noted that content plays a very pivotal role in such applications which is why the applications as such must be ethically used along with content that is entertaining yet educational. Hence, extremely violent content and pornographic material must be prohibited and a stern check mut be kept so as to ensure an ethical conduct.

In the end, it is safe to conclude on the note that the good and the bad depends on how we put the technology to use with elaborate details of all its effects.




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