McDonalds Uses VR Happy Meal Boxes to Woo kids

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McDonalds recently celebrated its 30th Birthday in Sweden and to rejoice the milestone McDonalds recreated its flagship Happy Meal Boxes into VR Goggles for children to enjoy their special celebration meals while watching the best videos and playing games on the Virtual Reality Headsets.

To celebrate the new generation the McDonalds many years the Happy Meal Boxes were so artistically designed and created so as to turn into a VR headset similar to Google Cardboard. Around 3,500 of these Transformable VR Boxes were created to be made available in 14 different restaurants and were made available at the weekend price of $4.10 or £2.92.

Along with the VR headsets McDonalds also introduced a VR Skiing Game sponsored by Swedish National Ski Team. The Happy Meal is one of the most popular menus and paired with something as interesting and captivating as VR it can only be considered the most lucrative yet exciting combination especially for the little fans of McDonalds and Virtual Reality.




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