VR and Google arts brought back an extinct world back to life

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Many millions years ago, dinosaurs and sea dragons ruled the Earth. They were fearsome predators that stalked the oceans and not just any Hollywood creation. That world vanished long ago, but continues to fascinate the archaeological researchers. You can explore anything, anywhere in the world on Google Arts & Culture. They have partnered with many companies to create many interactive stories and virtual tours collected from experts just for the world.

The Google team have used Virtual Reality to bring the Giraffatitan back to life right in Berlin’s natural history museum. It stands at 13 meters (42 feet) and is regarded as one of the tallest dinosaurs that have ever lived on this earth. It was twice as tall as today’s giraffe.

This video gives you a glimpse of how these colossal creatures actually looked like at that point of time on earth. So the team has worked with ecologists, paleontologists and biologists to cover those colossal creatures with virtual skin and flesh on the preserved skeletons. Everything has been taken care of right from the size of the eye to the position of the snout and the bend of the neck, etc. For the best possible experience, use Google Cardboard to look the beast in their eyes.




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