“Feel” Virtual Reality With The ‘Skinterface’ Suit

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Virtual reality is roaming around in the real world arena for many years now. It is growing as the enhanced technology and with an essence of creativity. It is working as wondrous for the technology, which is making it better and better. Fastest growing tech is the Virtual Reality headsets in the fields of Virtual Reality with a vision.

If you want an up gradation in your Virtual Reality experience, then, you can use dynamic controllers or a Suit to make your impact in the illusionistic world. Ever imagined that what it is like to “feel” in the Virtual World? Well, graduate students of the Royal College of Art (RCA) in London have been working on a high-tech suit named “Skinterface“, which uses nodes that responds to the input taken from the sound waves.

The Suit is filled with magnetic nodes, which can be programmed to vibrate in response to simulate different sensations which entirely depends on the sound being sent to the node. The skin is the human’s interface to the physical world and therefore, aiming it to make it possible in the virtual world also. Skinterface is just one single development in the illusionistic world and other developments are also going on in the field such as eye tracking technology which are slowly being tracked on.




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