Google to Join the League of ‘Pricey’ VR Headsets

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Google is working hard to join the club of expensive and sophisticated VR headsets with its new VR headgear which will be a successor to the Google Cardboard, the reasonable and DIY project that was a major success among the audience. However, Google’s new product is believed to come with new features, better sensors and a sleek and shiny plastic casing. The new device is said to be Smartphone based and will be similar to Samsung’s Gear VR.


Another striking feature of Google’s Virtual Reality headset will be that it will add extra technological features to Android, the operating system for the Smartphones thus making the headset compatible with more devices in the market. This is likely to be a bigger challenge for Facebook’s Oculus and Samsung’s Gear VR on the latest platform of War in the Silicon Valley.

Google is anticipated to launch its VR headset as a rival in the industry along with the new Android VR technology which like Cardboard and Gear VR will require Smartphone to be mounted or slotted into the headset as it will provide for the display and processing power.


Google’s new VR headgear will be an enhanced version of Google Cardboard loaded with more features and sensors, more sturdy and for a broader range of devices, unlike Samsung’s Gear VR which works only with a selected few fresh Samsung Smartphones. However, Google’s simple VR Cardboard project faced more success than Google had foresighted having shipped more than 5 million goggles till date.

Although Google declined to remark on the updated headset, Sundar Pichai CEO of the Search Engine Giant said that the Cardboard was just an initial step in the Company’s VR efforts. Ahead of these premature efforts the audience can expect to see a lot more from Google and our associates in 2016, as per Mr. Pichai.




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