Facebook Might lose its Virtual Reality Screen Queen Mary Lou Jepsen

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Facebook is supposedly on the verge of losing one its high profile Virtual Reality executive Mary Lou Jepsen who is the head of display technology for Oculus’ VR Division. On Thursday news broke that she might be planning to step down from the designation in August to work in the medical sphere to help cure diseases with her efforts in the field.

A spokesperson from Facebook’s Oculus has confirmed the above mentioned news stating that, “We wish Mary Lou all the best as she pursues her passion to change the world with next-generation medical technologies,” said the company, further adding, “We’re very excited to see what she invents next.”

Before working for Facebook’s Oculus Mary has also co-founded three startups working on Display technologies along with One Laptop per Child project which was also co-founded by the screen queen of the social media giant.

Mary announced her plans to work for the major causes to change the world at an event in Santa Clara, Calif organized by a nonprofit Anita Borg Institute for Women in Technology.




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