Facebook Acquires Virtual Reality Audio Startup Two Big Ears

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Facebook has snapped yet another Virtual Reality startup this time a spatial audio company named Two Big Ears. The UK-based startup company specializes in 3D audio software which Facebook is planning to incorporate in its upcoming VR projects.

The startup Two Big Ears is based out of Edinburgh, Scotland and has earlier partnered with Video Game companies to incorporate spatial audio in their respective projects. Spatial Audio or what is known as 3D audio system works slightly different from the usual audio systems as it replicates the sound from a real 3D environment with the use of special amplifiers and 3D sound processing technology.

Two Big Ears is all set to join forces with Facebook to recreate the empowering immersive experience as it is planned to work alongside Team Oculus to incorporate the technology in the Oculus Rift VR Headset. With Two Big Ears’ spatial workstation, a software suite for VR which lets developers and sound artists recreate audio into 3D surround sound system, if a person straps on a headset with an immersive environment of a beach or a waterfall, then the sound of the gushing waves or water trampling down the fall teleports you into the virtual world more effectively and believably.

Spatial workstation was earlier launched as a free tool for Mac Users but will now be available in the market as Facebook 360 Spatial Workstation with support for Windows. Facebook has not yet revealed the terms and conditions for the neither the acquisition nor the plans in future as to how the tech giant plans to integrate the technology with its Oculus Rift Headset. However, a spokesperson from Facebook explains how Two Big Ears will revolutionize how humans hear sounds in software.




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