EBay brings to You the First Ever Virtual Reality Departmental Store

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Virtual Reality is redefining the future in almost every sphere it touches, be it media, sports, teaching, journalism, etc. And now virtual reality is all set to transform your shopping experience in the most unbelievably exciting way.

EBay the famous ecommerce portal has inculcated virtual reality to bring a rejuvenated shopping experience for its users. The first every departmental store in Virtual Reality presented by EBay is providing users a Google Cardboard like VR headset that lets the users browse and see through a horde of different products in the virtual EBay store. All you need to do is gaze at an object of your choice to lock it in for selection. One selection process leads to another, as after selecting a product, it opens up into a range of new options along with the essential details of the respective product.

EBay took the VR shopping experience to the users in Australia letting them experience the wonderful new way of shopping in the future very near.




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