Unity Announces $181 Million Funds for VR/AR Future

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The leading Game Engine, Unity Technologies raised and announced a $181 Million Series C investment in the anticipation of continuing its dominance in the Game Technology given the bright and promising future of Virtual/Augmented Reality. The large sum of capital investment has been led by DFJ Growth, the company promoting investments with names such as Tesla and Twitter in their portfolio.

Unity claims to be the leading name in its niche comprising of 45% of the current game engine market and specializing in providing 3D gaming in Mobile industry with Pokémon Goas its latest venture. Oculus CEO Palmer Luckey also confirmed that around 90% of the currently available VR content on Mobile platforms available for Samsung’s Gear VR Headset runs on Unity.

Also, Unity is known to be the most relied upon and trusted engines used for Game development for Desktop systems. Valve which possesses an in-house game development engine had chosen Unity over its own for developing major part of their VR Title “The Lab”.

Unity’s game engine platform has revolutionized the game industry, thanks to its 5.5 million registered user count which has brought the company’s funding values to amount to $1.5 billion. DFJ’s Barry Schuler who has joined the Board of Directors for Unity believes that Unity is poised to advance into the sector of AR/VR with their technologies in both hardware as well as software platforms to emerge as a big name in AR/VR too.

Unity is now working and hoping to advance its ventures into AR/VR content and create quality games and experiences for the latest technology currently running big in the game.


Manish Kumar


Manish Kumar

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