Revolutionary Eye Tracking Tech In VR By Nvidia

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15th century era is commonly known as Renaissance Era, which simply means Rebirth. And Leonardo Da Vinci has given birth to a visual phenomenon Foveal Vision in which he discovered that when we are currently looking to one focused place, the surroundings crux becomes blur. The blurred surroundings in the technical field are commonly known as a low resolution version of the scene. Nobody thought that the simple visual phenomena then discovered will now become the major reason for the development and revolutionary tech that will be used in Virtual Reality. It has now improved the realism arena in Virtual Reality. Nvidia is currently working on the same phenomena that will provide more immersive and realistic feel to your games, music, movies, etc.

There is already an eye tracking prototype in the realm of technology by SMI so, that is why Nvidia is not to create another system, instead it will be working on the issues that the issues were there being faced before while developing that system. David Luebke together with other researchers is working on the color scheme, FPS, resolutions, etc. To render a full and clear scene, Virtual Reality has to give 90 FPS, the lower possible resolution. Anything before 90 FPS will give nausea feeling to the user.

This is a big thing that frameworks and resolution are increasing at a high pace. Nvidia will now be providing comforting blur that is being introduced for the VR enthusiast’s betterment.




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