Oculus New Update to Integrate Room Scale Tracking in Rift

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Oculus will soon enough release its new update which is reported to have integrated room scale tracking in the Rift and the Touch controllers supported by up to four trackers enabling wider coverage of the play area.

Oculus has inculcated the reported specifications in order to let the audiences enjoy Room Scale experiences similar to those available on HTC Vive which was the first to have offered the room-wide tracking feature. Seemingly, the latest update for Oculus is to drive the users wanting to the Rift for experiences available on HTC Vive due to its tracking abilities.

Although, steam offered support to Oculus Rift however, playing Steam VR games on Oculus than on VIVE made little sense due to the lack of sensors for tracking and the VR motion controllers earlier in the Rift.

As reported earlier, Oculus is working to bring Touch controllers to the Rift in the later quarter of the year and so with an update to the Oculus Home with advanced tracking sensors is looked upon as a great move to enhance the VR experience in the later iteration of the Rift. Oculus Home software also employs four tracking cameras to track and sense the controllers as well as the headset in a particular space.

The purpose of additional trackers is to ensure safety of the individuals playing in VR while enhancing precision and realism in the virtual setting. While the HTC VIVE currently uses two trackers, Oculus with its four camera trackers sounds like a great and impressive VR experience. The trackers do not eliminate the wires for now as they have to be connected to the host PC via USB which means yes, more cables! VIVE however, has an upper hand in this regard as the trackers need only be plugged into a power source.

This for now is the latest update in Oculus Rift as is sure to bring in some fresh sales and revenue while Oculus works to eliminate the wires in the setup.




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