Stitch VR Videos in Real Time with VRWorks 360 by NVIDIA

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NVIDIA ever since it has entered the field of Virtual Reality with its graphic processing units for 360 degree VR videos has not looked back and has been treading the same path with consistency. Now, with SIGGRAPH 2016 right around the corner NVIDIA has come up with another piece of technology to be announced at the event.
Aiding the swiftly expanding sphere of 360 degree VR videos NVIDIA announces VRWorks 360 video SDK which claims to be the next-gen level brilliant software that lets you capture, stitch and stream VR content in Real time. How cool is that!
With the availability of new smart VR cameras capturing VR content is no longer too difficult however, the part that comes later offer many challenges viz. compiling, stitching and editing the VR content shot on these tech savvy gadgets. The challenges get worsen due to the fact that the current industry is running on its toes to catch up with this relatively new yet burgeoning industry and ever changing features offered by the technologies. Other than this even if you have an efficient system you will further require a stack of horsepower to power the tool for editing and stitching processes.
NVIDIA’s aim and foresight into the Virtual Reality industry revolves around the ideology of inventing a way to exploit enough power from GPU systems for pacing up the compiling and editing of VR videos. Also, NVIDIA claims that when partnered with the Company’s latest Quadro Graphics Card, VRWorks 360 delivers the ability to integrate multiple high resolution video feeds from up to 32 cameras and manipulate and stitch and them together in real time.
The system will be showcased at SIGGRAPH 2016 to be held in Anaheim in California this week. The show is supposed to run from 24th to 28th July. As a treat to the eyes of the techies, NVIDIA claims to have a 4K Camera rig on hand to demonstrate the real-time video stitching abilities of their latest software VRWorks 360.




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