VR Events Featured at the Melbourne International Film Festival

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The Melbourne International Film Festival will now inculcate Virtual Reality in their 65th edition festival, which will be launching on Thursday Night and will run till August 14. This year’s version will have nine Virtual Reality Acts that will challenge audience as told by MIFF artistic director Michelle Carey.  This year the program will force the customers to get out their comfort zone. It sounds more like those long speculations and dream of science fiction has finally become a reality. It will be an amazing experience, in fact an immersive experience that will be given by jaw-dropping performances. So, just strap up a headset and lay back to get surprised.

The Virtual Reality Experience is actually restricted to a certain age group and i.e. 18 years and above. MIFF audience will not miss the technology of the year experience. The presentations from Google’s principal VR filmmaker, Jessica Brillhart, and Melbourne filmmaker Oscar Raby will be shown in Virtual Reality and should not be missed. The virtual Reality computer interactive movie that will be shown goes by the name- Invasion which is written and directed by Eric Darnell famous for Madagascar series.

The Audience will be given state-of-art Virtual Reality headsets to have a better and an immersive view of the computer animated interactive movie Invasion. The seats will also be configured in such a way that the audience will get to move in Virtual world as well in the real world too. The Death and Life of Otto Bloom featuring Rachel Ward will be premiered on Thursday Night. It will be regarded as the most intense experience of travelling around the world even without leaving your own real life physical seat. MIFF includes more than 345 movies out of which 244 are featured, 92 are short movies, 24 are world premieres and they will all be played at 22 different venues.

As VR enthusiasts, we feel that Virtual Reality is going further with its social interaction in the entertainment world.




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