Oculus Offers Free Shipping For Rift Through The End Of August

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If you have been feeling left out for not ordering the Oculus Rift during the initial launch of the Rift, well worry not because Oculus is giving away Rift orders without applying shipping charges all through to the end of this month.

Thus, if you have been looking to invest in VR a headset still haven’t placed an order, it is best to do it while the offer lasts as you can get a reasonable discount on the whole deal just by cutting short the shipping charges.

The company is reported to have introduced such an attractive offer in lieu of the recent delays in the shipping of the headsets faced during the initial launch of the Oculus Rift this year. After carefully analyzing the situation the Company decided to sort things out a bit with the customers by immediate shipping of the VR headsets in order to clear the setback faced which accounted for a backlog of 4 months in the delivery of the Rift. However, the spokesperson from the company cleverly and sincerely handled the situation announcing in July that all of the pending orders for the Rift have been acknowledged and have also been shipped to beat the set back and cut short on the pending dues.

Generally, if you order an Oculus Rift on Amazon, the average time it takes to ship the headset to the customer has been set for two business days and the store is giving Rift VR headsets for free shipping under the same delivery time bracket however if you wish to get your hands on the Rift even earlier than that then you can also get the headset delivered to you in a day for a little extra.

If you are a prime member on Amazon, well there’s no reason you should still be waiting as the offer won’t be left out on the table for long.




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