VR Experience Of ‘Ghost In The Shell’ All Set For Worldwide Release

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Production I.G announced their plan to release ‘Ghost in the Shell’ virtual reality experience globally this year at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. The Ghost in the Shell was shown briefly at last year’s Tokyo Game Show. The Virtual Reality Diver exhibit partially recreated the opening sequence from the 1995 anime movie. If you have the indispensable hardware like Google Cardboard, you will be able to watch a full 360 degree version of the same movie teaser.

This is a new virtual reality version of Ghost in the Shell, which is based on the new Arise series and the movie plus the youngest looking Motoko Kusanagi is given a voice by Maaya Sakamoto. This year at Tokyo Game Show, an updated virtual Reality version was revealed which is of course 15 minutes long. They also said that this will be released on the iTunes Store and Google Play. They have some future plans like launching for PlayStation VR in the near future.

It is interesting to see that a major Japanese anime studio like Production I.G supports virtual reality technology to this level plus also interesting to see the status of this technology in the world of Anime. Virtual reality has also proven its place in the mainstream by winning an Emmy award.




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