InContext Solutions Joined Hands With Intel For Retail In VR

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InContext Solutions is a global leader has joined hands with Intel so as to develop the best-in-class solutions in virtual reality format for retailers and manufacturers so as to meet the changing needs of the whole Retail Ecosystem. It is combining Intel’s technologies with ShopperMX™; the companies will collaborate so as to develop innovative and creative Virtual Reality Hardware and Software exclusively for Retail.

InContext Solutions is known as a leader in Web-based Virtual Reality and joining hands with Intel’s world-class technology can push the boundaries of their product portfolio as told by Mark Hardy who is the CEO of InContext Solutions. Through ShopperMX, they have already helped the global manufacturers to create multiple new shelf layouts, and bring the winning concept to the market with the help of their ShopperMX Mobile app. With this collaboration they will be able to design their Virtual Reality platform so as to include new features and functionality of the latest brimming technology coming out for all the devices.

The union of InContext’s ShopperMX software with Intel’s technology will automatically going to result in amazing solutions that will support the retail space and also its evolving needs. This may include in creating optimal shopper’s immersive experiences that will reduce the risk and will improve the bottom and will minimize the cost which is greatly associated with the retail innovation sequence.

Intel believes that the virtual reality has a great potential to disrupt retail and manufacturing. Therefore, InContext’s platform has recently demonstrated the great value of Virtual Reality and merged reality that can be provided to those industries.




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