Ad Executives Looking Forward To VR To Fits And Starts In

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New and new virtual reality products are flooding the tech ecosystem and the marketers are still betting over this new medium which has promised people with high immersive digital experiences being provided by different forms of headgear. Marketing executives who are experiencing the VR firsthand, says that it is high time that the important brands should start experimenting. They should not expect that their marketing efforts will reach to the masses for at least year or two. This was the cumulative assessment of the ad executive group at the VR 2020 summit happened in New York City on Monday.

A new heat wave of Virtual Reality products will be hitting the market soon! For example, Sony has very recently released PlayStation VR; Facebook owned Oculus Rift’s new version has been unveiled recently and so on. It is also very true that advertising has been limited in a very small space, thus far which focuses mainly on one-of executions. But the good news is that Virtual Reality can now offer even more engaging experiences for all the consumers, which may prove to be more compelling to the traditional TV marketers.

Ryan Pulliam, who is the Co-founder and also the chief marketing officer at the Specular Theory, which happens to be a production firm that is specializing in Virtual Reality was a bit hesitant just to discuss the fact that how much Virtual Reality ads going to cost. While Ms.Pulliam was somewhat naturally bullish about the new medium and she also cautioned against the marketers who are rushing to repurpose to the existing creative assets for the immersive Virtual Reality experiences. You really have to rethink about everything again. Let us see what Oculus Rift and Sony’s PlayStation VR stores for us.




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