Childish Gambino unleashed his “Me and Your Mama” in VR

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Virtual Reality has touched the Music Industry and now every star wants to touch the Virtual Reality so as to emit light of power mixed in rainbow colours from within. Last week, Childish Gambino gave a free rein to his expansive third album named as Awaken, My Love!, after revealing his much celebrated and funky singles which are Me and Your Mama and Redbone. Now, the former has finally got a chance to experience Virtual Reality into its own very bubble. He decided to put you in the front row of their Pharos Festival, which is a multimedia experience.

The immersive video of this celebrated hit single lets you take in a concert which is in the 360-degree view. With 360 degree perspective, it lets you shift perspectives so as you are pleased. You can choose to focus on anything you feel like, like Gambino’s howling on the stage and so on. You can choose to tilt the angles upward, downwards or even sideways. You can even turn to the audience to see how the crowd is soaking all of it up. In-short, the power is entirely in your hands.

On Gambino’s website, there is a link available for the Pre-orders for the mysterious virtual reality vinyl edition. He even explained a concept of the whole thing, which is said to be the vinyl that is to be needed in order to play with Virtual Reality. Nothing is made clear, but it can be taken as the element of surprise that Gambino wants to give. Let’s see how many new experiments the audience will see in the coming years. The experiment with Virtual Reality started with Björk’s famous Music Album ‘Vulnicura’.




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