Felix, Paul & FOX Joined Hands Together For VR Content with 20th Century Fox

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Twentieth Century Fox has already measured the power of Virtual Reality or 360 degree media. They have used the platform to promote their recent blockbuster in sci-fi which they named it as “The Martian”. It comes as no surprise that the film studio and distributor along with their Fox Innovation Lab are joining hands with Felix and Paul Studios that specialize in Virtual Reality in order to produce and direct more immersive experiences. Felix and Paul Studios already have a lot in their bag like, Jurassic World, and performances like Cirque du Soleil. They have also collaborated with President Barak Obama and Lebron James earlier this year. In this way, film studio and innovative lab will make optimum use of this amazing experience.

The Fox Innovation Lab understands that Virtual Reality speaks another language while narrating a story to the audiences in order to make them engage with the characters, which is mesmerizing in its own way. Fox has taken a leadership role in this very medium, and the world is thrilled and can’t wait to see the outcome. The audience is actually waiting to be captivated in this immersive medium.

Fox studio labs feel great on this collaboration and feels that the overall outcome would be great and will learn a lot from this partnership in the field of technology and a new way of storytelling. The first project that will be made by this collaboration will be announced early next year. Let us see what more amazing movies like “The Martin” would be there as a result of this amazing and much needed partnership! Let us see what new role Virtual Reality will be playing in Hollywood!




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