AR Optics Company sheltered $30M in Funding by HTC and Quanta

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Lumus Ltd- an AR optics Company recently confirmed the funding of $30 million by HTC and Quanta.  Lumus is regarded as the leading provider and the developer of augmented reality technology.  Lumus Ltd. recently announced a series C round of funding of $30 million that is led by Quanta Computers along with HTC and other investors too. Quanta Company is very pleased to invest in the Lumus optics solutions for AR technology as it is the technology that is breaking new grounds and Lumus is regarded as an innovator and industry leader for AR.

The AR technology is being applied in many new ways. It is being applied to consumer products that too in the developmental stage with their current DK- 50 kit. This development kit is offered to the leading smart eye- wear manufacturers and consumer electronics, which support the 40 degree field of view.  This is larger than Microsoft’s HoloLens. HTC’s interest in this technology is totally justified as they have an interest in making a headset that will include both AR and VR technology that they planning to launch in the coming year soon!

With such a huge of funds flowing in they are planning to expand the development, Marketing and operations for the AR and the smart eye-wear industry. The rising of AR investment at such a fast pace is expected. This new funding will help the Lumus Company to continue to scale up their R&D and production department. This scaling up is in the response to the growing demand from companies that are actually creating new augmented reality and mixed reality applications. Let us see how these new headsets by Lumus will be moving ahead of the already existing HoloLens.




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