HTC’s VP of design is joining Google Team!

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Technology is such a realm, that evens the slightest change in it, can be seen and felt at a major scale. Something similar happened in the field of Virtual Reality a few days back. Virtual Reality is a very vast kingdom, under which some names were made that made sure, that we are able to see and touch Virtual Reality technology through their Headsets- working as the frontiers. The changes we were talking about, at the top of this blog is that HTC’s VP of Design, Claude Zellweger has shifted to Google’s Daydream Virtual Reality project. This change is sure to bring some big repercussions in the field of Virtual Reality. A reliable source has confirmed that he has already departed last July only, but decided to stay on a grace period.

The Vive team has made plentiful prototypes of the headset as well as of the controllers before finalizing the current final consumer model. Their hard work truly paid off as the most of the critics consider HTC VIVE ahead of OCULUS RIFT in terms ‘Technology’ as HTC offers more realistic images and tracking.

We are sure that this level of expertise and experience will work as wonders for the Google’s VR team. The Daydream was good and satisfactory, for a mobile headset. Google has much bigger plans with this headset. HTC has confirmed that Zellweger’s is moving and also appreciate his amazing and considerable contribution that he has given to HTC. The Company is also wishing him all the best for the future and his time in Google!  






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