Warner Bros. & IMAX Came Together For “Premium” VR Content

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IMAX has announced its partnership with Warner Bros., to launch their forthcoming superhero movie to virtual reality all the way through multiplexes and dedicated VR centers. There were some great developments in the field of virtual Reality in mainstream realm. The year witnessed the opening of the very IMAX’s first ever Virtual Reality themed theater so as to offer ‘Experience’ through various super-sized cinematic Virtual Reality content. It offers sure shot entertainment fully immersed in Virtual Reality in form of VR gaming and cinematic experience.

We can clearly see that the IMAX and Warner Bros., are clicking with each other pretty well. IMAX is finally entering into the first ever deal so as to bring the Virtual Reality content to the multiplexes. There is no news on which Virtual Reality headset; it would be targeted as IMAX is utilizing both HTC VIVE and Starbreeze’s 210-degree StarVR hardware in their VR centers. Both the companies, IMAX and Warner Bros have increased the pace of their efforts they are putting in for the realm of Virtual Reality to make it as an entertainment platform. Last week only, studio’s major blockbuster is actually hoping for 2017, the Spielberg’s Ready Player One. It was to get a multiple piece of Virtual Reality content through HTC and SteamVR powered by Viveport platform.

These two companies are working very hard on gifting the world with immersiveness and entertainment. Let us see, how Virtual Reality would work in the mainstream after making a great name in the realm of the games. Virtual Reality is a great innovation that is really a great gift to the generation and would definitely be going to thank Warner bros and IMAX for making it reachable to the public.





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