Get a Better Immersion Experience with VAQSO VR Scent Device!

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The virtual reality (VR) companies are striving for greater and better immersion within experiences. Better visuals, improved spatial audio, the ability to touch and feel virtual objects, these have always been the parameters to better the experience. However, VAQSO Inc. has taken into consideration an additional factor – the sense of smell. Yes! It has developed a scent device that brings a whiff of reality to virtual experiences.

VAQSO VR supplies up to 5 scents at a time to mimic what the user is seeing in VR. The device can be attached to most head-mounted displays (HMDs) including HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, and Pimax. The developers will also be able to use VAQSO Inc.’s API to control the strength of smell or remove the scent altogether or check the battery status. The developers can purchase VAQSO VR directly from the company’s website for $999 only, exclusive of taxes.

It supports video game engines like Unreal Engine, Unity, and CryEngine. Each scent is supplied in a liquid form to be added to the modules. There are 15 scents to choose from, namely, ocean, fire (gunpowder), forest, soil, wood, coffee, caramel, curry, fried chicken, chocolate, flower, GAS, mint, zombie, and woman.

This scent lineup will definitely expand in the future. Also, the company will provide the customers with a specific customized scent development, in accordance with their requirements, at $3000 per type.

The VAQSO developer kits will begin shipping soon. We will keep you updated on when the device might see a more public showcase. Stay tuned with us for the latest updates on virtual reality trends, games, and gadgets.




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