‘Neverout’ Debuts On PlayStation VR

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The atmospheric puzzle title ‘Neverout’ by Polish development studio Gamedust is going to be soon launched on the console with PlayStation VR compatibility. Previously, it was only available on the Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile devices. It challenged the players to solve complex environmental-based puzzles to find a way out of a dark and oppressive facility.

The game begins in a claustrophobic cube-like room from where the player needs to find a way out. There are over 60 increasingly challenging levels that lay ahead before the whole puzzle is solved.

The developers have ensured that each level becomes more challenging so that the means of escape becomes complex and the game remains interesting. The deadly objects are thrown in the player’s way such as spiked traps or voltage electricity. In order to avoid these, players can use small moving cubes, short-range teleport or even the ability to shift gravity to a different plane. However, changing the plane of gravity may make unsecured items fall and put the player in danger of being crushed.

‘Neverout’ is created with VR in mind. Though it can also be played without VR but VR will provide the best experience. The title has been previously released on Samsung Gear VR as well as with HTCVive and Oculus Rift. The game requires concentration throughout and is sure to satisfy those who love to get lost in puzzles.

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