Get An Adrenaline Rush With Rush VR!

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Proximity flying, the combination of skydiving, base jumping, and wing suiting, is the new pinnacle. It involves jumping off a cliff or other high location and whizzing down the faces and ridges of mountains trying to avoid hitting with trees or any other obstacle. It takes years of practice to take up this death-defying sport but with the virtual reality (VR), the PlayStation VR users can now have a go in Rush VR.

Rush VR has been originally released back in 2017 for Samsung Gear VR and now it’s the turn for the PlayStation users to feel the rush as they hurtle the lush green landscapes or snowy mountains, avoiding the obstacles. The four mountain locations feature real-time weather with the improved graphics. This promises to recreate the unmatchable thrill of wingsuiting.

To make the game interesting, there are different modes which include Time Attack, Score Challenge, and Race to the finish, where the players need to work out the best lines to look for checkpoints to continue a specific route. You can also fill the boost meter but that requires moving as close as possible to the obstacles without wiping out.
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