Apple Patents VR Gloves

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The Virtual Reality (VR) gloves, developed by Apple, are designed in a way that can measure the movement of individual finger and thumb bones. Constructed using smart fabric technology, it has several apps including education, games, and military training. Recently, the US Patent Office has published a patent application relating to this product.

VR technology is used to simulate a virtual environment and the user’s presence in that movement. It lets the users feel a more realistic experience. VR headset helps you get a clearer view and sound in the virtual world, VR cameras take aspects from the real world and implement them in the virtual environment whereas the VR gloves let the users interact with various objects in the virtual world.

These gloves include inertial measurement units to track the movement of the finger(s), motion sensors (gyroscope, accelerometer) to measure the position and movement of objects, and electrodes & magnetometers to sense touch and determine direction.

According to Apple, VR gloves are capable of fine level motion capture which means this pair of gloves can differentiate between the movement of an entire finger and the movement of a single joint. It is also capable of allowing the user to interact with a simulated virtual environment. This product, literally, gives the users the ability to feel, touch, and hold virtual objects.

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