Course Set by Leap Motion For Virtual Reality

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Virtual Reality is growing bigger with each new day of the calendar. The developments are continuously changing Virtual Reality. If VR is said to be as the real reality, it shouldn’t lag behind and should be accurate.  Whether in tracking hand movements, it should be fast enough to track them with some specially designed controllers. Virtual Reality can more than just your hands; it can be your eyes too. A new API has been released which works straight from the sensors. When looked from the headset, it becomes your stereoscopic windows which means, you’ll see what it sees.

VR Developer is release which allows developers to easily attach or remove the Leap Motion Controller from the Virtual Reality headset. The other release which developers are working on is a prototype named Dragonfly designed for high image resolution, colored imagery etc.

With mega sensors of second generation, Leap Motion Device can literary be your eyes into the REEL and Physical realms allowing you to blend into the virtual environment and the crispness of the real world.  Motion control and Virtual Reality are two new platforms which are trying their level best to fulfill a VR enthusiast to be in a digital world and experience like real world.





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