Creator of Surge Confirms Apex As Its Next Real-Time VR Music Video

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The indie 3D artist and musician behind the widely acclaimed ‘Surge’ VR Music Video, Arjan Van Meerten has confirmed his next VR project to be Apex.

Meerten’s Surge music video was released back in 2015 during the days of the second DK2 for Oculus Rift and was made available for free. The video was a highly compelling piece of VR art form and music rendering abstract shapes and figures reacting in VR real-time for the musical prelude.

Considered to be one of the best abstract arts in VR the audio-visual piece evoked emotions from the composition, aesthetics and the scale of the shapes without relying too heavily on the symbolic and graphical visuals. Thus, quite righteously Surge stood out as the symbolic representation of where the future of VR and music might be headed.

After almost a year the creator of Surge Arjan Van Meerten has come back with yet another project featured on Music and VR named as Apex which for now is a mere tantalizing teaser for the audience with the similar geometric shapes evoking emotions brought to life with music and motion.

Meerten who is now associated with House of Secrets confirms that his next project Apex is destined to be released on HTC VIVE and Oculus Rift. He also revealed that Apex on which he has been working for the last six months is a bit less of abstract yet bigger.

After Surge’s massive success at winning the best score at Proto Awards 2015 and “Audience Choice” at Kaleidoscope 2015, it will be intriguing to look out for the next project along the same lines.





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