Microsoft Hololens Declared Business Ready as a Commercial Suite

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Microsoft has finally took the plunge and launched it’s a new commercial Suit for Hololens which comprises of augmented reality technology and can be claimed as ready for business. The new Hololens has been declared business ready by the company spokesperson and offers a multitude of new features benefits to the buyers.

The Development kit edition of the Augmented Reality visor Hololens had been available to the developers for quite some time as it was released for developers back in October last year which cost a head turning amount of $3,000. And now the company is gearing up for its AR device as its Windows Holographic API and also comprises of all the essential enterprise software features that might prove to be a success for businesses looking for cutting edge adoptions.

Good news is that Microsoft’s Hololens will also be available for bulk purchasing where the prices for the visor are still in question which are however reported to be likely negotiable depending upon the number of orders. The rather fetching box of Microsoft Hololens brings to you:

-Microsoft Hololens development Editions

-A Clicker

-A Carrying Case

-Microfiber cloth and a charger

-Micro USB 2.0 Cable

Along with these the Microsoft Augmented Reality visor comes with an array of features such as Kiosk Mode, Mobile Development Management, Windows update for business, Data security, Work Access and windows store for business. Thus, now it feels like Microsoft’s idea for promoting its superbly impressive Augmented Reality Hololens has the company doubling down on business prospects and future scope in the market.




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