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There are a million apps being developed and launched almost every day on various platforms namely Android, IOS and Windows. Among these apps there is a chunk of them created in VR in lieu of it being the recent growing trend in technology. These apps are mostly games allowing the players to experience gaming in 3D like never before. VR products already on the verge of hitting the market shelves, these apps have rightly entered the app stores some of which have already gained immense popularity among users.

100 Doors Full

100 doors full is a mind challenging puzzle game which can prove a good exercise for your smart brains. The game is about exploring and crossing doors and completing logical tasks to decipher the case of a genius professor and his eccentric inventions. The game is surely interesting and enjoyable with compatible sounds and the least load time required.

Gun Simulator – VR

The application is a weapons or basically gun simulator which turns your phone into a weapon and you feel like a sniper. The player is allowed to choose from a variety of weapons such as shotguns and handguns and rifles of all sorts. The highlight is the sound of a fire shot which is convincing of a real gunfire to scare your pants off. You can also choose from different scenarios such as Grand Canyon or a desert.

Just Cause3: WingSuit Tour

This game is an exceptional virtual reality experience that lets you plunge into the Virtual world in a wing suit. The game is specifically designed for VR with ahead of technology graphics. The app is available for IOS and Android devices and provides the users with pre recorded videos for a square Enix’s upcoming console game.

Ceek VR

A wonderful app for all music lovers that lets them enjoy music in VR through 3D videos, Live concerts, festivals and other social events in VR. The content of the app is easily accessible on any Virtual Reality headset device or head mounted VR cardboard and you can rock with your favorite band at a live concert.

War at Enemy Frontier

Live the life of a skilled army sniper fighting off enemies at a war front in the virtual world. The player gets assigned various missions such as destroying an army base at the enemy’s frontier. The intense game lets you understand the mind of a soldier- fighting for the homeland and shooting whatever comes in the way of their land’s security. The game is loaded with impressive graphics and sound system with efficient gun controls and near to life events.




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