Top Trending Apps in Virtual Reality

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Virtual Reality is gaining name and fame not only for its creative and extensive use in gaming but also for many other applications. Although there are many sectors for virtual reality that remain to be explored, there are certain applications that let you experience VR in various ways. Some of the top trending apps in VR are as follows:

Ascape Virtual Travel & Tours

Ascape is an app that showcases 360 degree videos and virtual tours to experience the world right under your roof. An experience with Ascape is bound to fill you with wanderlust while also fulfilling it at the same time as it delivers the most realistic experience ever taking you to places across the world in an instant. You can filter and search your content as per your desire and watch the best quality 360 degree 3D travel videos.

Jaunt VR

Jaunt is another competitive mobile app that offers 360 degree cinematic view of videos and images for an unmatched and fully immersive experience. With the videos of the content available for free all you need is Wi-Fi and a pair of headphones ready to make your phone work like a portal.

Train Traffic Simulator

Train simulator is a professional platform that lets you drive various locomotives around the world. The amazing graphics and realistic chugging sounds of the locomotives will make you feel like driving the train. The rugged and bumpy terrain will also bring in the thrill to the ride.

VR Cinema for Cardboard

The app lets you rejoice movies in VR display. The VR cinema app delivers MP4 videos with split screens to view the videos or movies in sync with VR Google Cardboard. However you can also mount your device into displays like OpenDive and Homido etc.

Discovery VR

Discovery channel one of the world’s most loved adventure and informative channel is now available in VR. Discovery in VR is set to give you a 3D and immersive experience while viewing the videos on wildlife and nature. Find exclusive clips from your favorite shows, and catch the behind the scenes action while exploring the best of the planet in VR.




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