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The world on the whole is now embracing Virtual Reality and working on it right now as we discuss these newly released apps in this genre. With new applications and possibilities of virtual Reality coming to light in every field, it’s pretty exciting to witness VR creating a well-defined space in the seemingly large domain of technology. To understand it better check out these recent apps in VR.

Virtual Reality Camera Pro

This app is something you can call ‘thought out of the box’ as it lets you alter reality in augmented or virtual reality. With this app you can import pictures of your choice into virtual reality while the app smartly integrates it with VR letting you control the reality. For instance you can upload an image of your house and see how it would look with new furniture or change its interiors in VR by sizing the pictures on the wall or moving landscapes and the possibilities are endless.


Explore the popular Indian cities with this ultimate VR travel app exclusively made for India. Rediscover India with its 360 street view with information displayed in detail of famous monuments. The app has many features beyond this such as you can share the places with family and friends, step into Taj Mahal and elephant caves and walk into malls and hotels from the comforts of your home.

Virtual Reality Ruler

A virtual reality app that acts as a ruler to measure objects in real life. This extraordinary app lets you measure the world and the space around you using your camera and VR. To use it all you have to do is simply size up the ruler keeping any real-time unit as reference and then use it to measure things in reality.

Christmas 3D Virtual Reality

The Christmas themed VR game is especially made for kids to rejoice Christmas in Virtual Reality. It lets the kids and even elders explore a Christmas night in 3D and VR with great graphics and sound. The game is filled with all the elements of Christmas with lots of other surprises, characters and animations to discover.

Free Virtual Reality HD

The app is a dating app made in VR to let the single users meet others. The app has been cleverly designed and developed with many other features such as the players can create their avatars for free. There are virtual chat rooms to chat live in 3D and hang out and have fun in animated 3D rooms. The graphics are in HD and you can customize your avatars with hundreds of elements to choose from.




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