Virtual Reality Apps to Get Addicted-to in 2016

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Now that virtual reality is finally becoming a reality indeed technology is also set to grow in the world of mobile applications. With efficient and more sophisticated SDKs and frameworks we can surely expect some mind boggling VR Apps and Games to get addicted to in 2016. Check out a few down below.

Roller Coaster VR by Cmoar

The best roller coaster experience with VR by far, Cmoar is for now a paid but a premium app that takes you for an enthralling 4-minute roller coaster ride which will surely have you gasping by the end of it. The ride takes you through a series of impressive sights and scenes from the high mountains and the lair of a fire-breathing dragon. The application is suitable for all ages with engaging sound effects and fantasy elements.

Hidden Temple by VR Adventure

The hidden temple showcases a setting of an ancient mysterious tomb in a dense jungle which you have to roam around to find the hidden chambers. The game is awesome because of its brilliant graphics and works on the basic point and click mechanism. The game lets you manipulate objects to navigate through the chambers and find as many treasures as possible.

Cleanopolis VR                                      

The game is an educational application which is primarily focused for kids however there is no reason for adults to enjoy the app as well. The game is free to download and showcases captain clean saving the city of cleanopolis from an overhead Co2 cloud with the help of Toby the dog. The graphics are up to the mark and the events are truly interesting with a message to save the environment.


The game Sisters is not exactly about exploring the scenes but giving in your best efforts to keep your eyes open while scary ghosts and spirits pop right in front of your eyes. The game is set in a dingy, cringe-worthy room as the name suggests it showcases a pair of dolls that go missing once the lights go out. With a backdrop of a stormy night what comes next is an immersive and spine curling experience which only the stronger of hearts should try.

House of Terror VR

An interactive Horror game that lets the players interact with the spooky surroundings and challenges your courage in a haunted house which is loaded with traps, monsters and puzzles. However, the House of Terror VR, unlike other apps requires a joystick to navigate around the haunted house. And so if you have the equipment required then a stroll in this scary house is definitely worth a download.

This is just a beginning in the mobile application development under the hood of VR and the users must surely be thrilled to expect some far better VR experience in the coming time.




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