6 Super Cool VR Apps That are Just Too Brilliant

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Now that so many big Companies are striving to deliver Virtual Reality experience right at your doorstep with some really exciting and promising VR products set to hit the market, one is sure to wonder whether there is enough quality content for the big bucks on the headsets making it worth your while. Well, good news there folks because you can in fact lay your hands on some really cool apps developed especially for a great VR experience.

Ever since Google introduced its VR Cardboard, it reframed and modified some its basic apps to be used with VR. You’ve got to admit using these with virtual reality will make you experience them like never before. Let’s check out these 5 super cool VR apps that are just too brilliant to be put in words.

Google Earth

We’ve all used Google Earth and it is one app that very cleverly and concisely demonstrates the concept of Virtual Reality. The app is available to be accessed with Google’s cardboard. The app showcases the possibilities of VR in the coolest way as it shows places on Earth in 3D making you feel like you’re actually present there. The images for now are low on resolution but the app lets you visit almost any place on earth through VR.

Google Street View

Want to visit the Eiffel tower? Well now you most certainly can and that too without having to spend a penny on travel. Yes! Google’s Street View app in Virtual reality will take you to World’s best of the cities right away. Google street view is just as exciting as Google Earth letting you stroll in the streets of New York and letting you see the most beautiful cities at the touch of a finger.


Seene is itself quite an unusual app and it dates even before Google Cardboard thus you won’t even necessarily require the cardboard for this app however using it with Google cardboard will allow you to have an altogether renewed experience. The app basically is a photo sharing social network except the images are 3D.

Roller Coaster Attraction

Roller Coaster games or Apps in VR are unbeatably the best and most entertaining way to use VR cardboard. The roller coaster app in VR gives you the exact real feel of the ride taking you through a jungle setting. The 3D effect of the ride is bound to make you nauseating but the thrill is worth it.


Vrse is an app that curates and brings to you quality content for VR such as music videos, short movies and also showcases specialized Virtual Reality videos.


Caaaaardboard is a game especially developed to be played with your Google VR Cardboard mounted on your head. The game has you looking down from the highest of buildings and lets you jump from them and even perform stunts to collect points. Although the game is not for free (it costs $1.99) it is still an adventure worthwhile.

So these are the apps you can install right away once you get your hands on your own Virtual reality headset or even a Google cardboard!




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