Honda Uses Virtual Reality Videos for its New Car

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Honda has taken the first bold step to propel its automobile brand by creating Virtual Reality videos to woo audiences under the current hype. The racing car brand is all set to release its very first bit of VR videos that will let viewers experience the thrill of Honda’s Ultra-fast Dallara Car. The release of the video is set to concur with the auspicious 100th running Indianapolis 500 to be held on May 29th.

The VR experience will be make news on the flagship USA Today along with 92 other local newspapers. The content shall also stream Live on the official app VR Stories along with other Honda properties such as as reported by Ernie Kelsey the senior Regional Media and Marketing Manager at Honda.

The partners at the Automobile Company are yet to decide on how to make the significant viewing platform available for the branded VR content to be broadcasted among the audiences where Google’s Cardboard VR is more likely to be the main choice due to its cost effective nature.

The famous Honda car has till now has been driven by the ace driver Mario Andretti but now the company is looking for new ways to reach out to the targeted audience for greater engagement with racing enthusiasts. The brand has been talking about creating 360 degree videos as its latest marketing strategy. Honda had also previously aced at Latest VR trends by designing the first VR device for inside the car to help the drivers and holds a patent for the same.

Thus, the VR market could prove to create waves not only for Honda but for the upcoming marketing strategies centered on VR.




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