Huawei set to compete with Biggies in Virtual Reality

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Huawei the Chinese Smartphone maker is ready to play its card on the Virtual reality table bringing in something unique with its latest Virtual reality headset to the market which was announced in Shanghai on 15th April 2016. The Virtual Reality headset will work similar to Samsung’s Gear VR that is all you need is Huawei P9, P9 Plus or Mate 8 phone to plug into the device and behold the virtual Reality experience.

Although the release dates and the intial price for the VR headset have not yet been revealed however the authorities claim that the Huawei users are very much likely to experience VR on their phones “This Season”.

Looks like Huawei is all set to compete with the Biggies in the industry such as Samsung, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Sony. However, Huawei has never receded in accepting its competition with the other hardware makers in the industry and now with its entry into the VR market it is sure to deliver its best competition for the veterans like Oculus.

Huawei’s new Virtual Reality headset is the very first to employ USB-C however it may face some heat due to its lack of high resolution display compared to the likes of Samsung’s 2K level of pixel density as Huawei’s flagship phones P9 and Mate offer pixel density of 1080 which is insufficient to deliver as much clarity.

However, if Huawei’s VR headset is released at an extremely fair and reasonable price to captivate the users then it could surely boost its trade in the VR industry.




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