Android’s Latest Version will Come Compatible with Virtual Reality

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Android is all set to push out its latest Version code-named N which will come out compatible with Virtual reality giving Android developers the leverage to tap into various new Virtual Reality capabilities and functionalities with its new updated version.

The Wall Street Journal published a few simple details about the VR mode giving insights as to how the version contains references about VR listener and Helper Apps along with various App permissions to enlighten users about which apps will be able to run while in the Virtual reality mode. The information also hints about Google nipping at the android version prior to its release of Device compatible VR Headset as its next better VR device.

One of the features or possibilities included in Android’s new version could be the VR apps’ capability to disable the phone’s Auto screen-Lock mechanism while viewing content from the headset plugged into a VR device.

Google is also rumored to be working on a standalone VR device that will neither require a Smartphone or a powerful PC to fire up the Virtual Reality Headset. The Android’s new N version is said to include smart features like a refurbished Emojis, 3D touch-Style pressure sensitivity and a split screen mode for tablet multitasking.

The Search engine giant may have delayed its stake in the VR industry but it’s sure to hit it big if it’s said upcoming VR headset enters the market at the right time.




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