Now we know Why Oculus Didn’t Launch Touch Controllers with Rift

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Oculus recently made one of the biggest revelations claiming that they could have shipped Touch alongside Rift back in April when it was first shown also explaining their reason behind not doing it so.

Oculus recently announced the launch of its Touch controllers in the latter half of 2016 despite the fact that the Company was able enough to release the companion gadget on the same day however the Head of Content at Oculus, Jason Rubin gave an explanation behind the delay of the release.

Rubin confirmed that even though there was a strong hardware foundation, the Company decided to put off the release of Touch as the Company wanted to put the hardware out there only after a compelling software base was established to support the hardware.

Also, Rubin went ahead to explain that if the Company came to a conclusion to release Touch with the Rift then there would have been only a few good titles along with their Demos for the release which is why the officials at Oculus deemed it fit to give time to the developers to create an established launch line up containing a good slate of titles to go with both the hardware which will also last a few good hours instead of minutes. Thus, to create such impactful launch titles time was needed which the Company entitled itself to.

In the wake of their decision, Oculus also kept tweaking the design of the Oculus Touch improvising on its ergonomics and performance parameters before the final release of the hardware.

Thus taking time to launch Touch was purposeful to provide time for developers and now the developers at Oculus are more than happy with what they have. In all of that time we have seen several iterations of the Touch with designs in terms of button placements and now the final iteration has the best design and performance stature for its destined release.

Oculus has assured to release more than 5,000 Dev kits to the developers prior to the launch similar to what was done with the Rift. The company has not yet confirmed a release date or price for the Touch however, as consumers we are expecting more about it in detail at the Oculus Connect 3.




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