Virtual Reality Starring At Venice Film Festival

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Venice’s film festivals being the most glamorous is now attracting big stars to the Europe’s most captivating locations. But who knows that virtual reality technology might just steal the limelight from all those mesmerizing locations and talent!  The biggest investment so far is on the Biblical film ‘Jesus VR – The story of Christ’ which will be unveiled on Thursday at the festival. This is an effort to bring the world of Virtual Reality into the mainstream cinema. Though the producers have decided to release this movie on Christmas, but they are ready to give a preview in Venice.

We all know that  Imax cinemas are buying VR headsets from Acer which eventually going to help Acer only to regain its position back in the industry. Earlier this year the Cannes film festival also starred VR, in which it showed more than 35 new short films. But it is Venice is believing in doing something different by setting up a special Virtual Reality viewing salon as  Venice will watch closely how skeptical critics will react to Virtual Reality space.

Many people are Optimist regarding the potential influence of Virtual Reality on the mainstream cinema that believe that it is just a matter of learning that how to tell a simple story in a more productive and complex way.

Pigott deduces that  Virtual Reality and conventional film industry will find a way to coexist just like the cinema and TV have done in the previous decades. We know that these were two very different mediums and platforms and the cinema industry do have room for both of them as a mode of storytelling and spectacle.





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